Daily Archives: December 2, 2008

International Critics’ Top 10 for 2008

Sight & Sound, January 2008 carries an article in which 50 critics around the world picked a Top 5 for 2008. Sight & Sound‘s team then worked out a ranking of 150 films to create an overall Top 10:

1. Hunger (UK)

2. There Will Be Blood


4. Gomorra (Italy)

=5. A Christmas Tale (France)

=5. The Class (France)

7. Of Time and the City (UK)

8. Happy-Go-Lucky (UK)

=9. The Headless Woman (Arg/Sp/Fra/It)

=9 Let the Right One In (Sweden)

Amazingly, I’ve seen the six films in the list that have been released in the UK. (I haven’t checked the other four yet, but I don’t think they’ve been released here.) Of those six, I can certainly see why five of them would figure in many lists. I didn’t really enjoy the Mike Leigh and I’m not a fan generally. Poppy was a truly irritating character, although overall the film was well made and there were pluses. 

I don’t do ‘best of’ lists as such, especially because I don’t see all the films. But I’m happy to list the films that have made the most impact on me and that I enjoyed watching the most. 

My top 5 (i.e. of the films I’ve seen this year) would be:

1. Couscous (France)

2. Auf der anderen Seite (Edge of Heaven) (Germany/Turkey)

3. Caramel (France/Lebanon)

4. El orfanato (France/Spain)

5. Faat Kiné (Senegal 2000)

So, what does everyone else think?